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Welcome to Tin Hill Pottery

                    We hope that you have fun, learn a little bit about Kristin’s artistic process, and discover the beautiful artistry that she continues to bring to the Clay Canvas.

                    Kristin Hill is an artist who specializes in sculptured ceramics, but also creates works using many other mediums such as glass in lamp working, polymer clay, fibers, and mixed media.

                    She is internationally collected and featured in various publications and galleries, as well as many private collections.Each work of art is one-of-a-kind, and is signed and dated.They have been created and influenced by nature, worldwide cultures, and Kristin‘s own life experiences. The attention to detail in each piece from original concept, to the finished object, demonstrates the dedication she has to her work .We hope you enjoy your visit with us and return often to see exciting new works of art!

Special orders! - If you have an idea of your own, please give us a call and Kristin will work with you to try and turn your special idea into a reality.

*There is currently a wait time on all new orders of 6-8 weeks. There are no "in stock" items available, so each piece will be made to order, as they are received. Items will be similar to those pictured, but as each is hand sculpted & created one at a time there will be some differences. -*However this also allows for you to request small changes in size, color, etc.

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